How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget

Well, this is me, finding the time to blog. I’ll try to keep this up even though I have a major addiction to House of Cards – Damn you Netflix and your addicting shows! These instructions will show you how to add a custom widget to your blog. Why would you do such a thing? Read More

A “Gotcha” when using the fwrite() function in PHP

You can’t use fwrite.txt as your file name. If used, then it will throw the following exception:

Try to use a more unique name such as myfile.txt

JavaScript Reserved Keywords

Matthew Bynens, the creator of, posted a blog post about reserved keywords in JavaScript:

console.log() Can Break Scripts

Did you know that the console.log function can break scripts in IE.? Why?  because it will only be parsed in IE when the console window is open! So it’s always good practice to comment out console.log calls or use the following wrapper function:

To learn more about a similar function, check out this excellent post by Paul Irish:

Why EVERY web developer needs to know JS

Here’s a great article about why web developers who are still stuck in the world of “I should only know a server-side language for web development. ” This article also explains how JS is being used more and more these days and it’s practical uses (despite how messy it can be sometimes) :

WordPress Featured Images

Just in case your theme doesn’t support featured images (aka thumbnail images), you can enable this feature (haha feature…) easily by inserting the following lines in you functions.php file. This file is located in the themes folder for your theme. Here it is:

How to Clear the DNS Cache in Chrome

Waiting to view a site that has already gone live? Has the DNS been updated and it should have propagated to your area by now? Chrome actually has it’s DNS own cache repository and you can clear it here by visiting this link: chrome://net-internals/#dns Just hit the “clear host cache” button. Also, ipconfig /flushdns clears Read More

Comparing and Finding Code

Comparing by using BeyondCompare Sometimes it is best to compare two files together versus overwriting one in favor of another. Here’s a great tool for comparing files: This is a program that me and my colleagues use on a daily basis at work. It’s especially handy when you need to setup a template replicating Read More

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